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The Innovative Style of Nick Assef

May 18, 2020

Over his quarter-century in the business, Nick Assef has managed to compile a great team at the elite investment firm he founded and runs, Lincoln Crowne and Company. Because he has infused the firm with his own perspective and principles, his team is well aware clients choose them to assist them with more than run-of-the-mill investment advisory services. Clients who hire Nick Assef want the best negotiator and those who hire his firm want the best investment advisory services. Nick always has a desired outcome in mind and he will work as hard as necessary to make that happen.

Nick Assef firmly believes his purpose to be providing clients with the deal-making expertise they need for the short term, but to extend that wisdom and knowledge to showing them how to keep that success going over the long run, as well. Throughout his career, Nick has purposefully developed his basic business philosophy through extensive work experience in the corporate world, through many negotiations. His experience as a negotiator, combines well with his experience in the law and academics that give him an an advantage, which means an advantage for his clients.